Spencer J Fox

Contact Me

I can be reached via Email or twitter

Research Interests

I’m a PhD student in the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin, and am currently advised by Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers.

My work focuses primarily on statistical modeling of infectious disease dynamics, and I’m interested in using these models to understand basic biological questions regarding disease spread and interventions (though I’ve recently worked on more applied projects with Zika). I’m especially interested in understanding multiple disease interactions on contact networks (e.g. influenza subtype competition, HIV/TB amplification, etc.), and have a few planned projects to continue in that realm for the future.


I’m also interested in attempting to make science, statistics, and programming accessible to others. To that end I lead the R for Data Analysis graduate student class, which is a weekly seminar for graduate students to learn programming and statistics in R and I regularly teach afternoon workshops at the University library to introduce non-STEM majors to the R programming language.